US peace activist in wheelchair is in trouble! Please help Ms. Carol Roberts! 米国の私を助けてくれている車椅子の活動家が家を奪われようとしているらしい!

Updated in April 2015


Thank you everyone!  Carol came out of the trouble she had with her residence...God bless her!
I hope she will not have anymore trouble!
(But currently, she is seems to have stalkers around her house...just like me!)


On the day of March 11, I received a new message from Carol...it seems that her situation is going worse, and I hope that somebody in the US could help her..
Here is her contacts
wheepingwillow2 on youtube

The following is her message..


Hiya Mari,

Hope this finds you and your beautiful son, doing well, also your parents. This is my hope for you all.

Long time since we've spoken, thought I'd drop you a line on an update of what's going on, or about to happen.

They had canceled the auction of my home on November 17th, 2014, however I just received notice, they have it up again for March 16th, 2015.

They are for sure going to attempt to boot me out of my home of 40 years. IF so, well that'll be the end of me.

I just wanted to write you one last time, before whatever happens happens, as I may not get another chance to do so.

I have much faith in the Father of Heaven and my trust is in Him.

I pray you all are doing well but I fear that may not be, and for that I am so sorry. With all the reports I've done on Fukushima Daiichi, with over 600 stories to date, I think this ole world is about done anyway.

I feel one day in Heaven we will meet.

You take care.

Best wishes alway.

Jan 23, 2015 Updated

Here is the latest comment from Ms. Carol Roberts.
Anybody in the US, please help her!!
以下に車いすの平和活動家で家を競売にかけられようとしているCarol Robertさんから来たメールをコピーします。


Well Mari, sad to say, my struggles are about over.
The crook felon judge just handed my house over for sale AGAIN.
I'm about done in.
The line is drawn in the sand, they will have to literally kill me to steal my house.
So I wish to say thank you while I have time to say it. I may have till the end of the month or sometime next month.
I don't know what more to do.
Thank you for your friendship, I wish you well and your son.
Please take care.

Jan 12, 2015 Updated

Please help Ms. Carol Roberts!!! (wheepingwillow2@yahoo.com )

Contact of Ms. Carol Roberts

wheepingwillow2 on youtube

She just sent me an e-mail and she has been deep in trouble.

Message from Ms. Carol Roberts:

They go to court on the house on Jan 13th.

Circuit Court at the Daviess County Judicial Center,

Judge Joe Castlen.

The clerk is Susan Tierney the number to there is 270-687-7220

Things revved up this last week, I thought that I might even get killed.

U may wish to watch my video's. I fight evil every day it seems. It is taking its toll.

I did a two hour radio show a couple of nights ago

Oct 29, 2014 Updated

According to Carol, her house is going to be on sale November 17th.
So please anybody in the US, please give her some help!!!

Contact of Ms. Carol Roberts

wheepingwillow2 on youtube

Sep 11, 2014 Updated


According to the latest information from Carol, her judge signed to sell her house to collection agency and they may put an ad for selling her house in October!! 

どうか米国の良心的な市民の方々、Carol Robertさんを助けて下さい。

Dear conscious citizens in the US, please extend your help to Ms. Carol Roberts!

Contact of Ms. Carol Robets

wheepingwillow2 on youtube



There is a US activist who has been supporting my activities to evacuate kids and pregnant women from Fukushima, and she has been reading out my blogs in English.


She even got angry at my net obstructors and she shared anger with me.


One of the examples is as follows; 


She recently gave me a mail and I was shocked to hear that she may be kicked out of her house on September 4 by the order of court!  I am not knowledgeable on US laws, and she explains the situation below. (This youtube video cannot be embedded for some reason...BTW, her house is to be taken away not because of supporting me, but she had some legal problems with the judge.)



She is a person in a wheelchair!  Is it possible to kick out a person like her? Currently, she has no other place to stay. Isn't there any means to protect her?


I truly appreciate her actions caring about the issue of Fukushima children and me while she herself has been having horrible problems.  I truly appreciate her supporting me through putting up many youtube videos.


She has been telling me, "You do not have to worry about my issue since you yourself have been having enough," but I truly hope there would be someone out there who can help her out of her situation...


Sept 4th to the 20th will be a critical time for her, as they will have to run an ad in the newspapers to sell her house!


The following is her e-mail address and youtube name.
Anyone who could give her concrete advise or provide any help, please contact;

wheepingwillow2 on youtube