5月22日、不起訴決定!May 22 Takenouchi was not indicted! Talk with the prosecutor



On the morning of May 23, I was surprised to see Ms. Ryoko Ando's tweets and Togetther site about me.


Her tweets expressed me as a criminal who has been doing horrendous things, and moreover, there was a word "Defer indictment" which I haven't heard from my prosecutor on May 22.


In order to check this Defer Indictment, I made a phone call immediately to the prosecutors' office and awaited for Mr. Masuhara's call back.


I received his phone call around noon May 23, and for the first time, I got to know this "Defer Indictment" was correct.  (Though it is the same as nonindictment, but I was not aware of the reasoning behind with this particular word, since Mr. Masuhara did not mention.)


On May 13, he indeed said that there could be a possibility of criminal contempt.


However, I didn't hear this word on May 22, so I told Mr. Masuhara that he should have used the same wording to Ms. Ando and me, since I hate being called as a lier.


In Ms. Ando's tweets, I am depicted as a person who slandered a third party man yelling. But I was shocked to see her passage.  I once made a phone call to Tokyo Medical Health University regarding Professor Nobuhiko Ban.


Professor Ban kept calling me Demarin, and more than that, he keeps saying that it is safe to live in Fukushima, even though he is actually an expert of leukemia and proved that animals can develop leukemia within 1~2 years after the radiation exposure due to aging of hematopoetic cells and alternation of Sfpi1 gene.



Without touching upon these things, Ms. Ando depicted me as a criminal, and right after the nonindictment, along with countless supporters, she has been slandering me.  If the prosecutor gives warning only to me under this situation, I told him that it is inevitable to think that the state power is behind this case.


"If the police and prosecutor investigate a single mother flying from Fukushima to Okinawa and do not conduct any investigation on TEPCO executives and give warning only to me under harrassement and further indict me as Ms. Ando still threatens, this will surely become the world top news. Foreign reporters are waiting right at this moment." I said.


The prosecutor has been saying that my activities are welcome and it is fine to criticize ETHOS.


After my assertion above, he showed understanding toward me and said, "I understand why you are angry.  I will let Ms. Ando know what you were saying."

そしてTogetterまとめを夕方再びみましたら安東氏から、ネット上の人々にあまり騒がないでほしいと言う旨のメッセージが入っていました。http://togetter.com/li/670760 検察官から電話を受けたのだと思います。

When I look at the togetter, Ms. Ando seems to have got some words from the prosecutor and told the slanderers not to criticize Ms. Takenouchi anymore, since it would be she that need to take the responsibilities.




I really do not want to get involved in any argument with Ms. Ando or her supporters.  I really want them to leave me alone.

My only goal is to save kids in contaminated areas!


On May 13, there was an investigation by the prosecutor Mr. Eiji Masuhara, Fukushima Local Prosecutors Office Iwaki Branch.


As Mr. Masuhara stated that police and prosecutors do not like the content of the investigation to be revealed to the public, so I will just put the short summary and what I said to the prosecutor.


As I wrote in my FB and twitter, Mr. Masuhara was quite nice to me, and he tried to be a very good lister.  Probably, I was speaking what I wanted to say 70 % of the time out of the 2 and a half hours' interrogation time.


What prosecutor Masuhara tried to emphasize was, "This is not a kind of case where you are being oppressed by the state power or whatsoever."


To this, I responded frankly.


"Even if you say so, if people look at what is going on objectively, it is inevitable they tend to imagine that the state power is oppressing a journalist and actually many people do think that way

Though no TEPCO executives have been visited by police or prosecutor, 3 policemen and a prosecutor fly to Okinawa from Fukushima to meet a freelance journalist who is a single mother.  Just by this plain fact, it is impossible to stop anyone from thinking that way."


"And while nobody has got indicted among those who seem to be responsible in TEPCO and the government, if I get indicted, this will surely become the world top news.  Even though the Japanese media are trying to stay away at this stage, already foreign journalists have been watching and this has been coming to a world news."



At the same time, the prosecutor Masuhara was quite considerate for Ms. Ryoko Ando, the director of Fukushima ETHOS as well,
"Her activities are for the people who cannot be evacuated,"
"She seemed to be an ordinary housewife."
"The wording in the tweet can be interpreted as contempt. Please refrain from saying anything that could be interpreted as slander against her."


So I said the following point.


The prosecutor said that Ms. Ryoko Ando looked like an ordinary housewife, but he should know that a person's outlook does not represent how he/she is actually. (Mr. Masuhara agreed on me.)



There have been so many internet harassers against me, but strangely, 100% of them are supportive and obedient to Ms. Ryoko Ando.   Usually, there could be some split or there should be someone who dislike both, but 100% of them are in this pattern. In that sense, she does not look like an ordinary house wife, but like a female boss. 

A while ago, there was a harrasser called @ohagiya who sexually assalted me on the net, and amazingly, @tmcyy sent out a defamation saying, "Ms. Takenouchi herself is a sexual harrassing woman" after @ohagiya's attack.  And amazingly, @tmcyy was conversing with Ms. Ando in a good terms right after that, which gave me a tremendous discomfort and skepticism.


Furthermore, Ms. Ryoko Ando even wrote her thesis over ETHOS discussing culture living in contaminated areas to the Health Physics Society's journal in Japanese. If we take a look at her thesis written in formal sentences, you would not believe she is just a housewife.

(The prosecutor did not seem to know this important fact and he was taking a memo.)


Her ETHOS thesis is listed in Fukushima ETHOS blog.

http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ja/news_data/h/h1/news4/2011/120310_2.htm この話は検察官にしませんでしたが、こちらで本名を使っているのか、上記の物理学会誌で本名を使っているのか、どちらがどっちか記憶があやふやになってしまい、検察の方にはもしかしたら「よく覚えていないけれど論文を書いたときに書き手の名前が同じでなかったような気がする。よく覚えていないのですが」と言ったのですが、京都大学アカデミックデイは本名の鎌田陽子氏の名前で出展し、一方、保健物理学会の方はエートスと同じ安東量子氏の名前で書いていたのでした。)

(By the way, though I didn't tell this to the prosecutor, she participated in the poster exhibition of Kyoto University Academic Day under her real name, Yoko Kamata along with Professor Yoshiyuki Mizuno from Kyoto Women's University.  I forgot whether she used her real name here or Health Physics Journal when I was talking to the prosecutor, and found out afterwards, she was using Ryoko Ando for Health Physics and for her activities in ETHOS and was using her real name Yoko Kamata for the Kyoto University Academic Day.)


To begin with, the Society of Health Physics is a society that gives assurance of permissible level or radiation to promote nuclear power.


What is worth noticing is that the Father of Health Physics, Mr. Karl Z Morgan himself criticized Health Physics Society and started to take the side of the radiation victims, such as downwinders in courts in later years.


The founder of Health Physics himself asserts that it is not good as it is, which is very important.


Here is his book in Japanese but the translation is hard to understand, so I also have his original book.


Speaking of Health Physics Society, I once attended their seminar more than 10 years ago and asked a question, "Isn't it a fact that leukemia has been increasing in Chernobyl?"  Then Ms. Tamiko Iwasaki, a member of the Society and also the scholar at National Institute of Radiological Studies, "There are some people who say so just by looking at fare skin of Russian children. They have fare skin from the beginning."



Ms. Tamiko Iwasaki is a member of supervisor of the text, "Basic Information on Radiation Risk" by which the government package toward returning Fukushima residents, which is so-called ETHOS Japan, promoted since February 2014.



Professor Nobuhiko Ban from Tokyo Health Medical University, who is close to Ms. Ryoko Ando and consulted each other regarding this criminal accusation, is also a board member of Health Physics Society and supervisor of the above text. 

Professor Nobuhiko Ban is an expert of leukemia, and in his study using animals, he found out the mechanism where mouse can develope leukemia only 1~2 years after the radiation exposure due to the aging hematopoetic cells and alternation of certain genes.


Ministry of Health stopped patients survey in Fukushima and south of Miygagi, but if we look at this graph here, we can see that the number of leukemia patients are on the increase even outside of these regions.


I would like to ask questions including these issues to the government of Japan. (The prosecutor said that it was fine that I did such activities if the target was the government.)http://koukaishitsumon.blogspot.jp/2014/04/blog-post.html


Among others, I found the name of Dr. Masaharu Tsubokura, who said that he had read Dr. Bandazhevsky's paper stating 10Bq/kg bodily concentration of cesium start harming heart and wrote so in his own blog, but on the contrary, in the thesis of Tokyo University WBC team, he stated in the conclusion that Fukushima people were OK since most of them were exposed to less than 1mSv (=30000Bq/body=500Bq/kg even for 60kg adult! 5 times of low level radioactive waste!)



Tokyo University professor Ryugo Hayano, a colleague of Dr. Tsubokura has ignored my repeated questions, "What do you think of Dr. Bandazhevsky's finding stating that 10Bq/kg can start adverse effects on heart " "How do you consider his finding children's organs get a few times more cesium concentration compared to adults?"




私が 避難を呼びかけているのは、子供と妊婦であり、大人は自己責任だと思っています。大人に関しては、情報を得ようと思えば得られるはずで、その地にとどまるのであれば、それは彼らの選択であり、私の両親であっても松戸のホットスポットにいるが、彼らに避難せよとはひとつも言うつもりはありません。


I have been calling for evacuation only for children and pregnant women (fetus) and regarding adults, I think they can act based on their own responsibilities.  Adults can get information if they want and it is up to their choice and decision.  My parents are living in Matsudo, so-called a hotspot, but I have never thought of persuading them to be relocated.

However, things are totally different for children and pregnant women.  They are vulnerable to radiation dozens of times or even hundreds of times and they cannot have any option or raise any voice.  My activities are solely for the sake of them.


One time, a person called Megu-san on the net asked Ms. Ando, "Do you have any intention to let the Fukushima residents know about the law regarding pregnant working women in nuclear industry stating, "During pregnancy, they should not be exposed to more than 1mSv"?"  Then Ms. Ando solely ignored his question.  Why was that?



On top of that, in Chernobyl, it is a known fact that more genetic effects are shown among the third generation compared with the second generation. 

In regard to the effects on children and offsprings, former WHO advisor, Dr. Michel Fernex, M.D., also stated in his own book along with some geneticist.
(I was an interpreter for him when he gave a lecture in Japan in 2012.)

He also criticizes WHO which is obedient to pro-nuclear organization such as IAEA which conceals the real health hazards by radiation.

He also mentions about genetic effects of radiation in details though ICRP and IAEA do not admit genetic effects among human beings. http://takenouchimari.blogspot.jp/2013/02/blog-post.html

Summary of this book is included in my blog, including genetic effects of radiation.








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